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With the ever-accelerating demand for better products, delivered faster and cheaper, in the most sustainable way, companies need to adapt their supply chains rapidly. This requires professional procurement of logistics services with a strong focus on Total-costs-of-ownership and stakeholder management, generating sustainable results – good for the company, its employees and the environment.

In most companies, logistics activities are complex, and responsibilities are scattered throughout the organization. Logistics spend is often undermanaged, and sustainability a low priority, because there is a strong misconception that green logistics increases costs. Underdeveloped governance and KPI performance measurement will also not help to manage internal change.

Moretimer supports companies in generating real and sustainable savings in logistics. Our services include strategic advice, coaching, training and procurement outsourcing, taking over procurement activities in the area of logistics: road and intermodal transport, warehousing, seafreight, airfreight, control tower functions, pallets and material handling equipment. With our self-developed models, specialized tools and extensive people network, solid reductions in Total-Costs-of-Ownership and CO2 emissions have been achieved in the past, proving the value of our approach.

Our team


With both having backgrounds in logistics procurement, the idea to start-up a company together did not need any further explanation. The shortage of logistics procurement experts in the contractor’s market, demands a different approach to fulfill the needs of many corporate clients. In the end, the model to work with fulltime contractors is not completely sustainable, and for sure very costly. Not to mention the loss of knowledge every time when contractors leave.

Moretimer differentiates two main types of services: to advance procurement functions within companies and business process outsourcing (BPO). Both types generate a much more sustainable effect than temporary interim solutions. This way-of-working should bring real value and sustainable savings to the client, securing continuity and - most importantly - FUN for everybody involved.

Fons van Gijsel
Founding Partner
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Fons is a passionate supply chain consultant and is seasoned in sustainable procurement of logistics services. Fons has, on basis of his more than 30 years of experience, gained a real focus on generating sustainable savings across end-to-end supply chain.


He has worked for transport companies such as FedEx - TNT and Mainfreight (Former Wim Bosman), and for industrial companies like Philips, T-Mobile, BASF, and Danone in logistics operations, procurement and Supply Chain.

Being a certified trainer in e.g. Sustainable Procurement  and the Masterclass Procurement Driven Supply Chain Optimization Fons has become an expert in Green Logistics and Sustainable Procurement projects.

In 2021 Moretimer and Smart Freight Centre have decided to combine forces to help companies in their quest to get a grip on and subsequently decrease CO2 emissions.


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Elegance Legal provides legal advice and support on data privacy/ data protection (implementation and legal auditing),  ICT- and commercial contracts (drafting, reviewing and negotiation) on an interim or an ad hoc basis.

Winninc Consulting helps companies to get control of their logistics costs by introducing innovative and sustainable logistics solutions that fit the needs of the company and by managing procurement processes in the most professional way.

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