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Sustainable Logistics



An increasing number of companies have committed themselves to the Science-based Targets on CO2 reduction of COP21. With the first deadlines of COP21 approaching rapidly, there is a call to action for all of them. But even without this public commitment, companies realize that society prefers sustainable companies; Sustainability is the new standard, and a competitive advantage.

With logistics typically being almost one-third of a company’s carbon footprint, it is a no-brainer to reduce (and finally eliminate) emissions there. Secondly, logistics also has the highest public exposure. Unfortunately most initiatives remain show cases, and there is a strong misconception that green logistics increases costs.

The growing trend of outsourcing logistics services, is an extra challenge in keeping track of carbon emissions and structural reductions are hard to maintain. The solution does not lay in insourcing logistics, because this limits optimization opportunities. There is a need for a different approach in managing logistics suppliers, and sourcing of logistics services. We call this sustainable logistics procurement, and this is the core expertise of Moretimer.

Logisics Procurement



What makes logistics procurement different from purchasing other goods and services?


First of all, logistics services do not have a price, but a cost. This requires complete understanding of the business requirements, end-to-end logistics expertise and a total-costs-of-ownership approach.

Secondly, the logistics market is not only defined by supply and demand, but also by unbalanced goods flows and governmental regulations. Therefore, specific knowledge of market players is conditional for success.

And thirdly, logistics can generate much more competitive advantage then generally assumed. Also, bad services will have a direct impact in sales. So what is supposed to be a bottom-line procurement category, has a close connection to top-line, enabling growth or responsiveness to changing customer demands. A clear strategy to reduce carbon emissions in logistics will advance the marketing effect even more.

With our self-developed models and specialized tools, Moretimer is your business partner for any logistics procurement project. We can give direction, provide development training or take over procurement activities as an external consultant, or we team up as an interim employee.

Our expertise is in a wide variety of logistics services:


On all categories, our consultants have broad experience in tendering, negotiating, e-auctions and contracting. If required, project managers can be supplied for implementation.

Although logistics expertise is conditional for good results, stakeholder management is of paramount importance. For every project, change management skills are required, because it is the people who always make the difference. If decision makers lack involvement or buy-in any result will disappear in thin air.

  • Air freight

  • Forklifts / Material Handling Equipment

  • Pallets (Rental and Bought)

  • Road Transport

  • Warehousing

  • Intermodal (Rail, Barge, Short sea)

  • Warehousing consumables

  • Ocean freight

  • 4PL / Control tower solutions

  • Customs



Did you know 69% of millennials prefer to invest in sustainable companies?

Did you know that 75% of them is willing to pay more for sustainable products?

Good reasons why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices are an emerging set of standards for 21st century companies.

With the ever-accelerating demand for better products, delivered faster and cheaper, in the most sustainable way, companies need to adapt their supply chains rapidly. Procurement is a crucial business function in building sustainable businesses with agile supply chains and logistics processes.

In modern companies, times of pushing on price only are over. With sustainable procurement, an environment is created where suppliers can become strategic business partners applying their knowledge and expertise to lower a company’s TCO. This requires a different approach, built on trust and healthy commercial relationships. In many cases traditional tendering is not appropriate anymore.

Moretimer is expert in sustainable procurement. Based on the standards of ISO20400, Moretimer can bring your procurement function to the next level, generating new sustainability initiatives, inspiring innovations and collaborations. This can boost top-line performance, and helps reducing carbon emissions.

Moretimer is certified trainer in ISO20400 – Sustainable Procurement at NEVI.

Sustainable Procurement
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